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The story that would become Dot-Dash. started in 2017 on an empty beach on a small island in the Greek cyclades; "Let's do something creative alongside our day jobs..." In the months that followed, our idea grew from the size of a single grain of sand, with a steep learning curve and extensive product testing, until we were happy with the quality of our first collection.

Right from the start, we decided to take care of every step ourselves and to make a point of using some of the very best materials available.


We combine three ingredients in proportions that are unique to our candles. The plant-based wax that gives a very clean burn when the wicks are trimmed well, the fragrances that are specifically developed for use in candles, as well as being vegan friendly and paraben free, and finally, the wooden wicks that have a distinctive crackling sound, and come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills.

We pour a little bit of our heart and soul into every candle. We hope you notice it!

Hanne & Liz

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